Sunday, July 20, 2008

James Hyer and Ann Rogers

Shea and Ann Rogers were in town and they came over to swim with us last week. I got a couple of pictures of JH and AR but it was kind of hard to get them to be still! And, like a dummy, I forgot to take my camera outside so there are no pictures of them in the pool. Ann Rogers is so sweet - they came by one night when they were out strolling and she kept grabbing at James Hyer and then she laid her head on him and was loving on him - it was sooo cute!!!


The Crowders said...

yeah! so glad you got some. I will have to borrow them. they are so cute together. I knew JH would get the hang of crawling soon. Watch out, he will be chasing Matthew everywhere! :-)
I am looking forward to the wedding too. It will be great to have some adult conversations and drink! ha ha.