Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Our church had its "Trunk or Treat" tonight. All of the "trunks" had a biblical theme this year. It was really cute and we had a great turnout. Here are a few pictures.

My sweet niece Ann Carol. Her pig outfit was so adorable even though she refused to wear her ears. If you look closely you'll see the rainbow is falling on her as she is trying to pull a sucker!Sampson and Deliah (aka the Walcotts) They are telling the kids "their story". It was so cute.

Our friends Steff and Jason (who are sooo creative) won first place for their take on Moses parting the Red Sea. Matthew and his friend Britt are posing in front of it. Congrats - Matt is so jealous! HA

Here are Matt and Matthew in front of our Lions Den. Matt was disappointed in only winning 2nd place but you can't expect to win when you cheat and get a real designer to make it for you! Thanks to Matt Ortner for doing such a great job on it!

Our Youth Director won 3rd place for Noah's Ark. She and her husband were dressed for the part too. I'm not sure how I missed them in this picture.


Sara Whitten, Brian and Baby Lilly said...

LOOK AT YOU! I am impressed! I hope all is well! I miss seeing you! Hopefully, we will be back in church next Sunday!

Sara Whitten, Brian and Baby Lilly said...

Okay, Em, for some reason, I new that i was looking at your blog, but thought I was typing to some church friends! Anyway, I am crazy! It was GREAT seeing you this weekend...and I do love your work and am impressed!